So, you want to get started with Cloth Nappies? Perhaps you have already started but have questions?

Take a look here, if we haven't answered your question below, contact us here 

There are so many different brands and inserts and lingo, I don’t know where to start! Yes, there is a lot of info out there and it can be overwhelming - just take one thing at a time and don’t think about it too much - it’s not as difficult to get going as you may think! First of all find a brand that is in your price range and that you like the patterns for. This is where you start - read their info and perhaps try a few. There you go - you’ve started!

There are also some great Mama’s and cloth nappy groups that help with ongoing info and troubleshooting - check out these accounts instagram @clothandclem @clothanppygeek

How many nappies do I need? This depends a lot on your baby - their age and how often they soil their nappies. If you are wanting to use cloth full time, and do a wash every 2 days, we would suggest you have around 25-30 nappies in your stash. This allows for 5-8 nappies per day, washing and drying days. If you are wanting to do cloth part time - perhaps only use them when you are at home etc. then a sash of 12-15 should suffice with wash and dry days in between.

Can I start cloth nappies from the day my baby is born? Yes you can! (If it suits you) There are some specific nappies you can buy for a better fit on newborns - but keep in mind these will be outgrown before your child learns toileting so you may need to replace them with a large size down the track. Our nappies are ideal for babies around 4kg-15kg. I have always been a fan of using disposables for a few weeks after baby is born, even longer if needed, to get your head around having a newbie in the house and getting some routines sorted. Then when you are ready you can introduce cloth nappies, and with our nappies especially they may be a better fit when babe is at least a few weeks old.

Is it all or nothing? If I am going to buy cloth nappies should I be using them all the time? Not at all, the great thing about cloth nappies is that you can come and go from them as you please, knowing that even swapping one disposable each day is making a difference. It you need a break from the cloth routine, that’s fine! You do what works for you and your family.

What is the best combo for absorbency? This will depend on the type of nappy you have - for our nappies we suggest using cotton/ bamboo blend inserts (they come with our nappies) when babies are young - you are changing small babies more often and cotton/bamboo OR microfibre are fast absorbers so will draw moisture away from the bottom quickly, so long as it is changed frequently, with a good fit, you shouldn’t have any leakage issues.

As baby gets older (from around 4 months) you may have to double up - put a bamboo or microfibre insert into the nappy as well - the bamboo then draws the liquid in and stores it for longer between nappy changes.

Can I put a microfibre insert against baby’s skin, or should they been the pocket? Microfibre is not the best fabric to have against the skin - it is very drying and can cause irritation - best to keep then inside the pocket of our nappies.

What is the difference between the inserts? Microfibre is very quick to absorb and draw water away from baby's bottom, but when baby starts to crawl etc. the microfibre can act like a sponge and you can get compression leaks. Bamboo is slower to absorb but holds liquid for longer. They are a great combo together. Our Nappies come with a cotton/bamboo blend insert which is both a fast absorber and a long lasting insert. 

I am having leaks at night, help! Our nappies aren't specifically designed to be night nappies, you may need something a little more heavy duty. OR try a combo of cotton/bamboo with a bamboo booster behind. Contact us if you are still having issues

I borrowed some nappies from a friend but they are leaking, she is having no problems, am I doing something wrong? Not at all. What works / fits some babies may not suit all! Babies are different shapes and sizes - some have chunky thighs, some are petite - this will make a big difference to how a nappy fits and seals around the legs etc.

Also something that fits and works for your baby when they are young, may not work so well as they grow. It’s trial and error, with mostly success, but just keep in mind that it’s OK to try new things and change it up every now and then if something starts not working for you.